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A Little Bit About Handmade in Harrisburg

I started this venture by accident. I have always been very crafty, my Mom, Grammy, Nanny and pretty much all of the women in my family are extremely talented in arts and crafts. As a kid, I spent hours helping and doing crafts with all of them and that has always stuck with me. Now with the loss of my Grammy, doing crafts really renews my memories of her and makes me feel a little bit closer to her years later.

I have always made gifts for holidays and birthdays, and usually people say the famous line “Why don’t you sell these?”. I honestly never had space or time to focus on it until January of this year. Our son turned 2, and we moved into a larger house and I finally had a little nook to work on projects and it became a welcome way to relax from the stress of work. Things just kind of fell into place, and I started making prototypes of my signs.

I made one post on a local Facebook group with a picture of one of my early signs and that same day I had 30 orders! I instantly knew that I was on to something. Each order had its own little unique twist, and I was having more and more fun making them. Working with and spending time with my Mom, who is an amazing graphic artist and brings some very cool original designs to the table really excited me and is a huge bonus.

We are not in it to get rich, just enjoying a creative outlet, spending quality family time and putting smiles on peoples faces one unique handmade gift at a time is it's own reward. Enjoy!

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